For those who are covered by the public health insurance system of Japan

Please note the following matters if you desire consultation at our hospital

1. If you use your public health insurance card of Japan, you will be examined by our non-English speaking doctor.
2. A reservation for the first visit can only be made via a phone call or email. Patients with a reservation are given priority.
Patients without a reservation might be unable to see the doctor or might have to wait for a longer time.
3. Please bring an interpreter, in principle, when it is difficult for the patient to communicate in Japanese. We might be unable to provide you with a consultation if you do not accept that.


Please show us your public health insurance card of Japan at the reception desk, together with a photo ID card (residence card or passport). We might be unable to provide you with medical care if you have neither of these. These are required for the preparation of statistical data when we are asked to report on each patient’s nationality and language to avoid accidental misidentification during examination and treatment. Your cooperation is appreciated.